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The Internet as a Complex System
Date: April 09, 2010
The Internet as a Complex System. UCI Calit2. Prof. Kihong Park, Purdue University. Park will discuss "complex system" aspects of networked systems with a focus on the Internet. Over the past couple of decades, the Internet and its component systems have been shown to exhibit complex system features such as fractalness, correlation-at-a-distance, phase transition and chaos, among others. Three empirical discoveries - self-similarity of Internet traffic, power-law connectivity of autonomous systems and the World Wide Web - have significantly impacted science and engineering, transcending the confines of networked communication systems. What is perhaps especially noteworthy about complex system aspects of the Internet is their real-world relevance with engineering implications. Park will discuss select features, some well-known, others less so, that despite their varied nature may be examined from a shared viewpoint of stability and optimality of dynamical systems. Email
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