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Gaining Passion & Engagement From Your Customers and Organization
Date: July 21, 2010
Gaining Passion & Engagement From Your Customers and Organization. Techbizconnection. Even in tough economic times, it is still tough to retain key employees - never mind maximize their contributions to the organization. They want to work for companies who's purpose is in alignment with their own. Customers no longer just buy products - they purchase the experiences from companyies who engage with them and meet their both spoken and unspoken needs. Research has shown that firms which are above the median in both customer & employee engagement experience revenue growth at a ~4x greater rate than firms that are below the median in both engagement dimensions. This session will bring together business leaders who have realized that the path to marketplace success is best undertaken when a firm's employees, its customers and other constituencies are all in alignment and fully engaged with the company and its purpose. See
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