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MOTM Dinner with Don Levy, Sony
Date: October 05, 2010
Location:Thousand Oaks
MOTM Dinner with Don Levy. Don Levy is Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Sony Pictures Digital. For more than 25 years, Don has worked at the intersection of entertainment and technology, helping to position everything from Hollywood blockbusters to groundbreaking digital policy. Beyond Don's executive capacity, he enjoys voice over narration, which is a natural extension of his ability to explain often complex subjects in terms people understand. Don also recently produced the TEDxConejo event in Thousand Oaks and is now working on TEDxYouth and the 2011 edition of TEDxConejo. We'll be diving into Don's passion and vision behind communications and the art of storytelling. We'll be asking questions like: How to best communicate in ways that gets your message across? How do you best capture people's imagination so they want to tell your story for you? See,event=ab6b4f3eec9a
More information:,event=ab6b4f3eec9a
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