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CommNexus Presents:A Showcase of San Diego Clean Technology Companies
Date: October 26, 2009
Location:San Diego
CommNexus Presents:A Showcase of San Diego Clean Technology Companies. The CommNexus EcoCom SIG has organized an ensemble of 10 local and innovative companies where cleantech plays a major role in their business. These companies are putting the spotlight on diverse uses of technologies that span the gamut from battery free energy storage using ultracapacitors, satellite imaging for remotely controlling irrigation, low power chip design and wireless technology protocols for bidirectional communication with the grid. Other companies use technology that include LED lighting, giving old electronics a second act in markets where they can be reused, software and hardware that better orchestrate how energy resources are directed. Efficiency is making headlines and attracting venture capital focusing on technology applications. This advances better use of information, better designs that use less energy, with less environmental impact creating the cleanest energy resource…energy that is not used. This event will begin with a State of the San Diego Clean Tech Industry address by James Waring, Co-Founder & Chairman, CleanTECH San Diego. The event will then be followed by the showcase companies who will entertain the audience with their stories on what set the stage for how their products and services made their entrance onto the cleantech scene. See
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