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Content World Turned Upside Down
Date: January 12, 2011
Location:Culver City
Content World Turned Upside Down: Can Traditional Media Adapt? TCOSC Digital Media Society. Every aspect of the business of entertainment media and other content providers, and their traditional sources of revenue, are under assault by disruptive business models. From GoogleTV to iTunes and YouTube to the rise of social networks to e-book readers to cloud computing and free software, the worlds of newspapers, books, music, platform games, film, television and even software have seen the sales of physical media such as DVDs plummet. In a world dominated by Google, Apple and Facebook, can the other content and media companies retain or regain their former glory? This panel will explore what is happening in the media world from the perspective of the most prominent entertainment and media companies and leading online metrics and legal commentators, offering short- and long-term predictions on the future of this sector that is so vital to Southern California. Speakers: Richard Berger, Sr. Vice President, Global Digital Strategy and Operations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Scott Brovsky, Director, Global Marketing, Disney Interactive Studios; Eric Garland, CEO, Big Champagne; Richard Neff, President, Neff Law Firm. Moderator: Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire. See
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