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Strategic Planning is Dead, Long Live Strategy Execution
Date: March 22, 2011
Strategic Planning is Dead, Long Live Strategy Execution. TCOSC Entrepreneur Society. Since the 1920s, strategic planning has been considered the hallmark for creating results. It was always assumed that once we had a plan that showed where we were headed and how we would get there, the execution would take care of itself. In a dynamically changing world, the environment we execute in is rarely the same as the one we planned for. Our strategic plans become obsolete almost as soon as we begin to execute them. In this presentation, Mr. Wolfe will show how to shift the focus from planning to execution. He will introduce the RTE-S Execution Management Process, a process that allows for fluid execution in a dynamically changing environment. He will discuss why fluid execution is necessary and describe the steps to create an organizational that supports improvisation planning and executing. See
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