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Renewable Energy & the Smarter Grid: Opportunities for the Entrepreneur
Date: May 07, 2011
Renewable Energy & the Smarter Grid: Opportunities for the Entrepreneur. Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. The creation of a smarter and greener grid is driven by the opportunity to create significant efficiencies while balancing a new urgency to integrate and accommodate new sources of renewable generation. As aggressive policies and vigorous investments take hold, newer and smarter technology is rolling out. In California, newly elected Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring state utilities to generate 33 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020. In 2010, investors poured $3.7 billion into cleantech, an increase of 760ver the previous year. Federal stimulus money is playing a major role both nationally and regionally, funding major smart grid efforts in our own backyard. Given all this activity, what are the remaining challenges and opportunities? Why canít we just add an endless amount of distributed renewable generation onto the grid? Why are the costs so high? Why is the intermittency of renewable generation such a problem and what are the potential solutions? As utilities roll out new meters and smarter equipment on the grid, there are hundreds of companies looking to integrate exciting new technologies and platforms that promise monetary and environmental savings for both consumers and utilities. We will examine opportunities and strategies being pursued by early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and discuss remaining gaps and challenges to achieve the full vision of the smarter grid. See
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