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Early Exits
Date: June 02, 2011
Location:San Diego
Early Exits. San Diego Tech Coast Angeles. Early Exits describes a strategy for startup investors and entrepreneurs to build a new ventures, prove business models and exit companies in 2-3 years without the need for multi-million dollar investments. Based on the book by Basil Peters, Early Exits is a perfect fit for the entrepreneurial environment early in the 21st Century, which can be characterized as follows: The traditional venture capital model is not working. It has become much more difficult to raise expansion funding of $5 million and more. Corporate America is loaded with cash and is choosing to acquire small companies in lieu of expanded internal R&D. The sweet spot for many large US companies is $15 to $30 million, selling prices of great interest to entrepreneurs and angels, but not generally to traditional VCs. Building companies with a valuation of $15 million or more takes much less time with lower risk than building companies with valuation of $150 million, the average VC exit in the past few years. See
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