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TechAmerica: The Green Economy - Trends and Opportunities
Date: July 28, 2011
Location:Westlake Village
TechAmerica: The Green Economy - Trends and Opportunities. We hear a lot about the “Green Economy” today. It’s in the news, politicians love to talk about it and it’s the new buzz in business. But what does it all mean? Is it real and if it is, how can you become a part of it? This presentation from Carolyn Cassavan will address: • The Green Economy – What it is. Defining “green” and an overview of the general sectors of the green economy. • Trends - Where things are headed. The hot items and a discussion of lesser known but higher potential technical directions. • Opportunities – Examining the technical challenges in the green economy and how technical companies can build on their expertise to develop products and services to meet those challenges. Government programs and incentives and taking a look at your business from a different perspective to see how you can benefit from this growing movement. See
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