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MIMO OTA: Test System for Future Wireless Devices
Date: September 01, 2011
Location:San Diego
ecent development of future wireless telecommunication systems, such as 4G and Long Term Evolution (LTE), call for the employment of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies. The ever expanding requirements for data amount in a given frequency band calls for spectrum efficient technologies to be used and MIMO provides an attractive solution for this design challenge. This is already manifested in practice by smart phones and tablets that are using intelligent data intensive applications. However, despite its great promise, the MIMO requires special conditions in order to be operable. These conditions are manifested by appropriate correlation properties and high enough signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) level. The former is defined by radio propagation conditions and antenna design, the latter by power of the transmitter. Specifically, the former poses a challenge in the terminal end where we are by nature limited by the form factor of the terminal. MIMO OTA: Test System for Future Wireless Devices. CommNexus. In this seminar we discuss a test methodology that allows users to design optimal devices for data intensive applications. See
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