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Alternating Financing and Super Angels
Date: October 15, 2011
Alternating Financing and Super Angels. Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. Entrepreneurs in the "New Normal" economy face a challenging environment: with less equity funding available they have to execute better and be more capital efficient than five years ago when investment dollars were flowing more freely. Finding the right team and financial backers are even more critical in an economy where Venture Capital and Angel group financing are harder than ever to find. However, a new phenomena is emerging: individuals, (often successful serial entrepreneurs), are investing as "Super Angels" and contributing money, hands on assistance and domain expertise to early stage companies. This event will examine the best way to finance an early stage company in the new environment, and focus on "Super Angels". How do entrepreneurs find "Super Angels" and work with them once they do? Is the Super Angel model competitive or complementary with traditional investment sources?

This event will feature presentations and a panel discussion made up of Super Angel investors and a Venture Capitalist to examine this new trend, new financing models, and advice on reaching and working with the right investors. There will also be networking time to meet both entrepreneurs and investors. See
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