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Word of Mouth in the Modern World
Date: August 15, 2012
Location:Costa Mesa
OCAMA Signature Speaker Series - Peter Kraus, UCLA Anderson School of Business. Topic: "Word of Mouth in the Modern World - Selling in a Tempest"
Times of adversity create the greatest opportunities. If business people know what to do they would judiciously exploit the resources available, but they are not necessarily trained to hear the subtle and complex, but not vague customer message for developing a more effective value proposition. The Great Recession is 'bigger" than The Great Depression, with 40% of collage graduates unable to find a job, with institutions of all kinds failing in every which way, while people and corporations with capital realize greater gains and record profits unheard of in the history of the United States. In these times when nothing is as it was and technology has changed everything we have to use unusual tactics and unconventional and counterintuitive countermeasures to reach our goals and objectives in what seems to be a fire storm. See

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