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Phosphor converted solid state white lightin
Date: August 09, 2012
Phosphor converted solid state white lighting: What's that on your ceiling? Science and Engineering Council of Santa Barbara. Phosphor-converted, solid-state white lighting is increasingly becoming the technology of choice for dispelling darkness. Our speaker will explain how this efficient, clean, and long-lived lighting technology works, and how it will change our world. The advent of bright blue solid-state light sources--a technology now closely associated with UC Santa Barbara--permitted the creation of white light through the judicious use of a phosphor material that converts part of the blue light to a longer wavelength (lower energy) light. The mix of blue and the longer wavelength (typically yellow) appear white. The key materials involved in this process will be described, and future directions described. Presenter
Dr. Ram Seshadri, Professor, UCSB; Materials and Chemistry & Biochemistry. See
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