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The (cr)UX of Design: Building for Feelings: SCV Startup #12
Date: September 17, 2012
Location:Santa Clarita
The (cr)UX of Design: Building for Feelings: SCV Startup #12. We've all navigated the best, worst, and downright ugliest of websites - from a clean and simple interface to a confusing and clunky....something rather. We also know the feelings these interfaces invoke. Sometimes we can navigate a site like a knife through warm butter. Other times we're angrily pounding the keys and mumbling to ourselves. Keeping your users engaged is critical and the process of a charming design flow isn't as easy as we may think. So what makes for a great user experience? Let's talk about it. We'll touch on the different specializations of design, how to conduct effective usability testing, staying lean with the BML methodology, and, of course, what all of those ridiculous acronyms mean. Also: We're going to demo 3 products internal to the group. See
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