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Serious Games for Simulation, Education and the Enterprise
Date: January 12, 2013
Serious Games for Simulation, Education and the Enterprise. Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. ‘Game,’ the phoneme, has spread its wings far beyond familiar "teenage" video games: it now embraces a variety of new and important applications. Evolving from pre-computer roots (e.g., "war games" for critical military exercises), today key computer simulations and training (variously dubbed "games") increasingly permeate the government world. Likewise, a wide variety of tasks, from corporate training to childhood education, have been variously recast in a "game" context with dimensions and purposes quite beyond simple "fun and entertainment." Today’s program looks at the entrepreneurial / innovation context of the what-why-how of "serious games" in important social and commercial endeavors, exploring various facets such as applications, platforms, areas for growth, investment landscape, and how it all meshes with the undeniable lure of playing games. See
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