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Business Incubators or Business Accelerators?
Date: January 24, 2013
January Forum: Business Incubators or Business Accelerators?
Tech Coast Venture Network. Incubators and accelerators are real options for entrepreneurs interested in starting and growing their new ventures. With accelerators being the new kid on the block, there seems to be significant confusion about the differences between the two. Entrepreneurs use the terms interchangeably, yet the differences may be profound in structure and what it will mean for the growth path of a venture. At the same time, there are overlaps between the services provided. Do the two models serve different purposes and which one is right for you? TCVN is proud to bring together this extraordinary panel of individuals who will shed light on the differences between incubators and accelerators and empower entrepreneurs in reaching their goals. Join us for this enlightening event and understand what it means to incubate or accelerate. See
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