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Starting a Startup: What you need to know from K5 Launch
Date: March 27, 2013
Location:Newport Beach
Starting a Startup: What you need to know from K5 Launch. Interested in startups? Ever dreamed about starting a startup? Think you've got an idea that you want to pitch to investors? Think you need a business plan to make this happen? Just curious about what goes on behind the scenes in starting one? Then you need to keep reading! We are co-hosting this event with K5 Launch, where we will have Ray Chan, one of the manager partners of K5 Launch talk about how to start a business. Ray will cover the basis of what K5 Launch looks for in startups they fund. He will cover the basic essentials in starting a business, how to talk to investors, and how to help you get funding. He'll talk about what businessís succeed and which ones don't and why. Ray will talk specifically what it's like for a start up in Orange County and what works for our region. After Ray, we will have 2 Tech In Motion Members pitch their ideas about start ups. Ray and others will give feedback about their ideas and help them be able to move forward with it. We will look for audience participation to give them feedback too! See
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