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The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur: What it means for the future of business
Date: April 17, 2013
Location:Santa Barbara
The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur:
What it means for the future of business. MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast. According to the New York Times, "This revolution is fundamentally changing the way society organizes itself and the way we approach social problems." Whether you call it social entrepreneurship, social venture, or the mission-driven enterprise, it is a large and growing economic sector that uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a business to achieve a desired social change. Unlike traditional business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs seek to generate "social value" often in combination with for profit organizations.. And unlike the majority of non-profit organizations, their work is targeted not only towards immediate, small-scale effects, but sweeping, long-term change. Panelists include: John Glanville, General Partner, Athenaeum Capital Partners LLC; Andy Lower, Eleos Foundation ; Andrea Neal, Ph.D., President and Founder Blue Ocean Sciences; Nancy Swanson, Executive Director of the Linked Foundation; Kate Tierney, Vice President of Sales, AlterEco Foods; Ron Boehm, BOMA Investments. See
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