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Eric Drexler's Radical Abundance: The Nanotechnology Revolution
Date: May 08, 2013
Join Mr. Drexler, Innovate Pasadena, KPPB and Idealab for a provocative discussion on: Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology
will Change Civilization. K. Eric Drexler, the founding father of nanotechnology and author of the influential book Engines of Creation explores the coming revolution in nano-scale engineering, and how it will change the world as we know it. He developed, named, and popularized the concept of nanotechnology the science of engineering on a molecular level. Currently at the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology at Oxford University, Drexler is a frequent public speaker on scientific issues, addressing audiences of politicians, business leaders, scientists, and engineers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. See
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