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Future Salon LA - Applied AeroSpace Risk Management
Date: May 12, 2012
Location:Santa Monica
Future Salon LA - Applied AeroSpace Risk Management. Presentation: Averting Catastrophe & Creating Miracles - A Rocket Scientist’s Everyday Guide to Risk and Opportunity Management. Experience a paradigm shift in the way you think. Anyone who believes that raising a child is less challenging than designing a human-rated space capsule probably hasn’t raised a child well. And while you may not need to write your own “Risk and Opportunity Management Plan for Little Suzy” in order to be a successful mom, there are innovative aerospace techniques that can make any of your endeavors more successful. In the design and operations of highly-complex systems (such as human space flight to Mars), it is essential for engineers and management to be fully aware of inherent boundary conditions that limit the safety or performance of their creations. The US Government and the big aerospace companies already have their own guides, manuals, and handbooks detailing corporate strategies to deploy internal risk management practices; however, these core principles can be equally applicable to a vastly larger audience. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a small business owner, a college student, or an aerospace executive still striving to perfect your risk management implementation, this presentation will help you harness the power of risk and opportunity management. See
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