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Peter Coffee's Annual Forecast
Date: September 19, 2013
Location:Culver City
PETER COFFEE’S ANNUAL FORECAST. AITP. Technologies, Practices and Policies for Computing, Communications, and Business Applications. The more we know about how things work, the more we are likely to look for ways to do those things better, faster, and cheaper – rather than doing something fundamentally different. When we look back from the 2020’s at this century’s early years, it is possible that we will pick some year right around…2013…as the turning point when we decided to do a number of things in an essentially different way. In this year’s edition of Peter Coffee’s annual dinner with AITP and ACM, he will be looking at a number of disciplines— computing, communications, data management, and information security among others— and illuminating the massive disruptions already taking shape around us. Please join us for both interactive pre-dinner conversation and after-dinner formal remarks. See
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