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The Internet of Things
Date: November 09, 2013
The Internet of Things, Arduinos and the "Maker Entrepreneur". Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum. Tiny sensors that can report conditions back from the field (or to each other and an actuator) and mini cameras with some processing power are making the long-awaited "Internet of Things (IoT)" a reality. Cloud processing systems allow tiny sensors to have a central brain. Cheap sensors and emerging inventor-friendly open source standards like the Arduino processor are dropping the cost of what would have been sophisticated racks of equipment to a few dollars. Early adopters in the Maker movement have tried thousands of experiments ranging from the life-altering to the absurd. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have enabled entrepreneurs to bubble up from the community to see whether there is a market for a networked device without having to raise money the traditional way.Come to this program to hear from a few of the hundreds of companies springing up everywhere and to see what it takes to launch one yourself! See
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