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Cybersecurity: Threats and Opportunities
Date: March 08, 2014
Cybersecurity: Threats and Opportunities. Caltech Enterprise Forum. Data breaches, industrial espionage, cyber-terrorism, identity theft, and more populate a growing rogues' gallery of cyber-horribles and increasingly define and shape our "grave-new-digital-world." Each day's news brings cyber-crimes, threats, security breaches, and new cyber-xyz's, as well as constant privacy invasion and erosion (both for evil and for profit). Years of inadequate attention -- despite growing opportunistic and malicious innovation -- means the cyber-problems we face are varied, pervasive and pernicious, not unlike epidemics challenging public health or the many sources of pollution contaminating the environment. Lacking any mandated and comprehensive solutions, the scope and diversity of cyber-issues yields a host of entrepreneurial opportunities. They embrace dimensions ranging from industry focused to technology specific. To tease out such "opps," our program features speakers with an uncommon array of experiences and expertise. They will delineate today's exposure and future trends, including combating cyberspace crime, data breaches, terrorism and espionage. Along the way they will highlight entrepreneurial opportunities such as fortifying assets from, and playing an active role in, the spy-vs-spy cyber-wars. See
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