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The Internet of Things: Hype or Reality
Date: May 21, 2014
We've all seen buzz words come and go in the tech world.What is IoTIoE or MtoM technology? Is it life as we know it or is it just fantasy orHollywood sci-fi. How is IoT affecting business, affecting lifestyles and are we ready for it or has it already become a hidden part of everyday life and we just don't know it? What is IoT? What are the elements that use IoT or include IoT initiatives? What's the Myth? What's just in the movies vs what you can feasibly bring to market? What's the Reality? What are the real benefits we are gaining from IoT? What's the Trend? The most obvious, least obvious aspects of IoT in everyday life. What's the Challenge? People's expectations vs costsvs adaptability of markets and consumers. What's the Takeaway? What are the opportunities for startups? As consumers, what is coming and how do we deal with them? See
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