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The Invisible Hackathon (iOS only)
Date: August 08, 2015
Location:Marina Del Rey
The Invisible Hackathon (iOS only). "Invisible Apps" are apps that live in the background, anticipating our needs based on sensor and contextual data, and do things for us before we even have to ask. But for a long time these apps were very difficult and expensive to build. Sense360 is an SDK that makes it easy to build invisible apps that can detect location, activity, and context in the background (i.e. even when the app is closed and the phone is in your pocket). At our "Invisible Hackathon", participants will work in groups to create the coolest "invisible apps" using the Sense360 SDK. Hackathon Details: Note: we don't own your creation. It's all yours! Time: 10am August 8th - 10am on August 9th Location: BizHaus - 4132 Del Rey Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Perks: Free food Comfy seating for everyone Complementary overnight parking Sense360 schwagg Credits towards the Sense360 SDK High Speed internet (brought to you by BizHaus!) Activities (i.e. basketball arcade, foosball, and more) Expert mentors Prizes: A week stay in San Diego at a beautiful 3 bedroom beachside condo ( Lunch for you and a friend with Jason Finger One month of Open Desk space at BizHaus (includes 24/7 access + 4 hrs of conference room time) Entrance into General Assembly's Mobile Development Part-time Course (a $4,500 Value) It'll be a great 24-hours of coding and registration is free! Feel free to check out our SDK here: Rules: Source code must be disclosed Don't use existing code (hooking into any DB or existing API is fine) Don't be a jerk App must be developed for iOS Must utilize the Sense360 SDK Official Hackathon Schedule: Day 1 10:00AM - Kickoff event with breakfast, networking, and developer dating which leads into idea pitches and team formation. 10:45AM – Workshop: Sense360 SDK 11:15 AM – Workshop: Intro to Swift (brought to you by General Assembly) 1:30PM – Lunch is served 7:00PM – Dinner is served 10:00PM – Arcade Basketball tournament (Optional) Day 2 12:00AM – Midnight Snack. 6:30AM – Breakfast is served to help get you through the final few hours. 8:45AM - Apps are submitted 9:00AM – App presentations 9:45AM – Closing ceremony Past events: Prior hackathon quick-pitches: Submissions from prior hackathon: ChallengePost Quotes: "Everybody was available for questions, help, stress relief, and general good times!” – Johnathan Aichler (June 20th, 2015 Los Angeles Hackathon) "Integrating the Sense360 SDK and APIs was the easiest part of building FOMO, and the Sense360 team was there to quickly answer the few questions we had. It was a great experience taking a vague concept and turning it into a usable product in just 24 hours. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can integrate the SDK into some of our client projects in the future." – Ed Arenberg (June 20th, 2015 Los Angeles Hackathon) “The Sense360 platform totally automated our apps core functions, taking it from a 'Maybe I’ll use it today.' to, 'Usability is so effortless, I can use it without thinking about it.'” - Dan Carter (June 20th, 2015 Los Angeles Hackathon) Education Partner: Sponsors: Have questions about The Invisible Hackathon (iOS only)? See
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