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Death of Privacy
Date: September 16, 2015
Death of Privacy. TechBizConnection. How did we let it get this bad and what you can do to get some of yours back? Over the years our individual freedoms and personal privacy rights have steadily been eroded. But it is not just the fault of the government or the NSA. Many of our own choices and changes in cultural norms have helped make this happen. We will explore how things got out of hand and why. While it may be too late to go back to that age of innocence, we can face the future better informed and prepared to protect our security and reclaim our rights to personal privacy. The threat landscape is changing and you need to understand where you fit in the big picture. Knowledge is power and awareness helps you be better prepared. Whether you’re a noob or uber-1337, learn Personal Risk Management strategies for a more secure lifestyle both online and in real life. See
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