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LAEDC Fall Economic Forecast
Date: September 30, 2015
Location:Los Angeles
LAEDC Fall Economic Forecast. LAEDC’s 2016-2020 Fall Economic Forecast, “From Boomers to Millennials: The Future of the Urban Environment” will provide long-range, socio-economic analysis to inform your business decisions and guide regional planning. The program will explore what futurists, LAEDC economists, and demographers are predicting. Millennials now outnumber Boomers, and this is impacting transit-oriented development, effectiveness of your marketing messages, and the importance of your organization’s positive social impact. Millennials also value access over ownership, and are using things “on demand” rather than buying them, they use of technology for…well…everything, and they would rather give up their car than their phone. In fact, the live-work-play mindset of Millennials is impacting workplace design, residential design, and the desire for “complete” neighborhoods with better access to shared amenities and entertainment. See
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