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Entrepreneurship Workshop: How Valarm Bootstrapped to Profitability
Date: February 17, 2016
Location:Thousand Oaks
Entrepreneurship Workshop: How Valarm Bootstrapped to Profitability. Do you want to learn how to transform your personal experiences or casual inspirations into your next business venture? Would you like an insider's guide to cultivating a profitable startup from concept to release in little more than 9 months, despite the myriad of technical, business and personal issues sure to emerge along the way? If you are curious about the many paths to a successful entrepreneurship, join us for a workshop on "How has Valarm bootstrapped to Profitability" where a local CEO and business owner, Lorenzo Gonzalez , will speak on launching his own company -- Valarm, and what it's like to navigate the tech startup world. Learn from this discussion, be inspired by it, and join in with your own questions on how these challenges are faced by fresh entrepreneurs every day. See
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