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Will Crowdfunding Be In Your Company’s Future?
Date: August 10, 2016
Will Crowdfunding Be In Your Company’s Future? OC Tech Alliance. With the SEC approving recent rules for Crowdfunding, more startup companies are now being able to take advantage of this capital formation pathway. However the benefits of this relatively new funding source may be outweighed by the challenges of regulatory and other obstacles that exist. In addition, while the advent of Crowdfunding may well find a welcome home in business plans throughout the U.S, this new capital formation pathway needs to be balanced with safeguards to prevent fraud and protect the investing public. Thankfully, newer (and crowd-based) tools to monitor online reputations are emerging. Either way, the potential to unleash untold numbers of new ventures is certainly exciting for would-be entrepreneurs. In this presentation, we will be discussing the how to’s of Crowdfunding and a look into the future when Crowdfunding can be utilized to offer equity. See
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