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3 Keys to Successful New Products
Date: March 22, 2017
Location:Los Angeles
Join us at the Pepperdine West Los Angeles Graduate Campus and learn invaluable information about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Breakfast provided. Are you looking to expand your knowledge of new product innovation and commercialization? If the answer is yes then this session is definitely for you! This session breaks down the chaotic product innovation process into three simple sections. These three sections, in priority order are: Marketing Technical Feasibility Protectability A significant portion of this talk covers Marketability, since this is the area where 420f ventures fail for lack of creating a needed product. The talk delves into the 4 Ps of Marketing; Product, Price, Promotion, and Place as well as supporting content. The other two Keys, Technical Feasibility and Protectability, will be covered as well. This talk is particularly suited for those who are looking to expand their knowledge of new product innovation and commercialization. See
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