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DVR Wars: Can Advertisers Strike Back?
Date: December 04, 2007
Location:Los Angeles
"DVR Wars: Can Advertisers Strike Back?" USC CTM. Television has been the most powerful branding medium for fifty years. Since the publication of the popular book “the Death of the 30 Second Spot” in 2003, television advertising revenues have grown but currently face significant challenges from advertisement avoidance technologies. USC Marketing Professor Ken Wilbur will summarize his two recent articles on Digital Video Recorders’ (DVRs) effects on television advertising. This work takes a hard look at how DVR use has changed television advertising exposure, and what actions advertisers and networks can take to mitigate negative effects of DVRs. While DVR adoption will increase ad avoidance, it also offers a new opportunity to refine and improve many aspects of television advertising. See 0ecember_07_brochure.pdf
More information: 0ecember_07_brochure.pdf
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