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Here Come The Millenials
Date: May 20, 2008
Location:Newport Beach
"Here come the Millennials! Are You Ready?" A frank discussion with VC's and experts regarding America's "perfect" generation.The largest generation of young people since the '60s is beginning to come of age. "Echo boomers," "Generation Y" or "millennials," call them what you will, they are the genetic offspring and demographic echo of their parents, the baby boomers. Making up nearly a third of the U.S. population, the latest generation to enter the workforce already spends $170 billion a year of their own and their parents' money. They are also the most diverse generation ever: 35 percent are non-white, and the most tolerant, believing everyone should be part of the community. So who are they? What do they want? And are you ready for them to enter your workforce? Our May panel of experts will dig-in to the challenge of millennials and how VC's and VC-backed companies are addressing the coming-of-age of our latest generation. See
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