CallFire Hits Messaging Milestone, Donates $10K To Local Nonprofit

Santa Monica-based voice and texting API developer CallFire said this week that it has just hit two billion messages send via its platform, and decided to donate $10,000 in credits on its service to a nonprofit to celebrate the milestone. According to CallFire, it donated $10,000 in credits on the service to fitkidsAmerica, a nonprofit which fights childhood obesity through after school programs and camps, in the name of its customer, Flywheel, which sent the two billionth message. Flywheel is the developer of mobile apps to help taxi companies provide an Uber-like experience to their customers, and which is also very active in the LA market. CallFire said fitkidsAmerica will use the credits to text and call parents, coaches, and administrators in its programs. The company also said it hopes the effort helps inspire other local companies to find other ways to give back to the local community.