Caltech Gets Nanosystems Funding

Pasadena-based Caltech is reporting that it has received $3.6M from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop the Nanosystems Biology Cancer Center at the school. The awards is expecfted to continue for give years and total $18M. The center will use nanotechnology and microfluidics-based chips as part of an effort to develop and validate tools for the early detection of cancer. The school said that the team will include investigators from Caltech, the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, and UCLA's Institute for Molecular Medicine and Jonnson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Nanotechnology and chip-based tools will be developed to identify biomarkers indicating the health status of organs. The center will also focus on high-throughput nanofabrication methods for constructing low-cost diagnostic chip-based devices.


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