CFX Battery Becomes Contour Energy, Out Of Stealth

Azusa-based CFX Battery, the stealthy Caltech battery spinoff, said today that it has renamed itself Contour Energy, and emerged out of stealth mode. Contour Energy said it is developing advancements in fluorine-based battery chemistries, nanomaterials science, and manufacturing processes, and is targeted at portable power products. The firm--fresh off $14.2M in funding from CMEA Capital, Harris & Harris, Schlumberger and US Venture Partners--said it is targeting the transportation, government and defense, medical, industrial, portable electronics and specialty application markets with its products, which were developed out of a collaboration between CalTech and CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research. As part of the announcement, the firm said it has also scored two technology transfer contracts with NASA. The first covers a study of Contour Energy's batteries for use in manned space missions, and another covers development of electrode materials, to advance Li-ion battery technology.