Chill Powers Boy Band Mindless Behavior Video Release

Los Angeles-based Chill, said today that it has partnered with artist management company Atom Factory, to power a "social experience" around a video by band Mindless Behavior. Chill's Mindless Behavior site allows fans of the teen band to chat while watching the latest video from the band. Financial details of the deal were not announced. Chill's site turns what has been a solo experience--watching a video--into a social one, by allowing users to chat in real time while watching a synchronized video. Atom Factory is the management company behind Lady Gaga. Chill said that Mindless Behavior will release its new music video specifically through Chill, at 4pm today. In what might be the first, huge scaling issue for the company, the chat site was already packed at 3:15pm with hundreds of Mindless Behavior fans waiting for the video debut.


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