ChoicePunch Takes On Life Decisions

A new, Los Angeles startup hopes its service will help users simplify life choices, by asking other users to comment on different questions. ChoicePunch, founded by Hamid Saify, recently launched its services, letting users post their own questions and answers to such questions like "What's the safest car?", and "What should I buy my sister for her birthday"? The company said it is bootstrapped and currently in beta.

Life decisions and voting on choices seems to be a popular theme for local startups; FindTheBest, the online recommendations and comparison engine, was started out of former Doubleclick founder Kevin O'Connor's own desire to be able to get questions to life decisions; recently launched app Photopoll from Los Angeles startup TenFarms, is all about asking similar decision questions; Sherman Oaks-based Sodahead's site often features opinion polls about choices, and LA-based Ranker fills a similar role.


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