Chumby8 Preorders Open

San Diego-based Chumby, the developer of Internet-connected, alarm-clock type devices which is headed by Derrick Oien, opened up its newest product, the chumby8, for pre-order Wednesday. The chumby8--the latest in a series of Internet-connected, widget-capable devices from Chumby--provides an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, and ships April 5th. The firm said it started accepting pre-orders Wednesday for the $199 device. Chumby's devices allow users to stream things like weather, news, Facebook updates, music services, and more to the device, which essentially functions as a super-souped-up alarm clock with Internet functionality. Chumby said it has over 1,500 free applications for the platform, including access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Flickr, Photobucket, plus around 10,000 Internet radio stations.


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