Clicker: Run, Don't Walk To Get Unlimited AT&T Plan For Video

Los Angeles-based Clicker, the online video guide site run by former CEO Jim Lanzone, and backed by JAFCO Ventures, Benchmark, and Redpoint Ventures, has run the numbers on AT&T's new bandwidth plans, and has one conclusion: if you're going to buy an iPad 3G, buy it before the end of the weekend with an unlimited data plan, before AT&T eliminates the plan. The firm ran the data numbers for AT&T's new, bandwidth limited plans, and found that AT&T's 200Mb plan allows only 20 minutes of basic, low-quality YouTube clips a month; its 2GB plan equals only 200 minutes of standard-quality video. The firm similarly ran the numbers for Netflix, finding that watching a single, hour-and a half movie would consume the entirety of the 200MB plan; as well as for ABC's iPad app, which would consume that 200Mb with only a half-hour streaming show.