Cloud Constellation Aims At Cloud Storage Via Satellite

Need to securely transport that critical information--but don't trust the Internet or phone lines? Los Angeles-based Cloud Constellation Corporation said today that it is getting set to launch a new service which completely bypasses the public Internet, and even leased lines and other ground based infrastructure, and entirely sends data via satellite. According to the company its "SpaceBelt" cloud infrastructure, can store and transport mission-critical, sensitive data, in a way that avoids what it calls "leaky" Internet and leased lines, and also what is termed as "jurisdictional hazards". The company said its satellite network will help to protect data from hijacking, theft, monitoring and sabotage. Pricing on the new service was not announced. The company said it is targeting everyone from medical and pharmaceutical companies, to media companies, and the government sector with its service. The company has yet to launch its satellite network, and did not say when it plans to be in operation. The company also did not say how it intends to address the speed and latency issues typically encountered with satellite data technology.