Clutter Expands On Demand Storage Into New York City

Los Angeles-based on-demand, self storage startup Clutter, which has been running in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County, has expanded to the East Coast, saying this week that it has begun offering up its services in New York. The startup, which is led by Brian Thomas, offers up a smartphone driven way to store your excess "stuff", letting users request storage of items, which are cataloged, packed, and taken away to storage, and can be requested at any time. Clutter said its service is particularly well suited for New York City, where very few residents do not have a vehicle, and where storage can be a real challenge due to the city's density. Clutter's app lets users browse through photographs of their stored belongings on their phone, and request delivery of those items at any time. The company's venture backers include Resolute Ventures, AmplifyLA, angel investor Matt Coffin, and others.


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