CODA Automotive In Deal With Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Santa Monica-based electric car maker CODA Automotive said this morning that it has inked a deal with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which will offer up CODA's sedans at Enterprise car rental locations. According to CODA Automotive, Enterprise will introduce up to 100 of its CODA Sedans at rental locations throughout 2011. CODA did not say where those cars are expected to be based. CODA Automotive said the deal comes on top of a previous agreement with Enterprise, where Enterprise will provide courtesy transportation vehicles to CODA during service and maintenance of the firm's cars. Enterprise said it expects making CODA's sedans available will also allow customers to conduct an "extended" test drive by renting an electric vehicle. CODA's new sedan is expected to have a range of 90 to 120 miles per charge.