Cognition Trumpets Semantic Mapping

Los Angeles-based Cognition Technologies, a provider of search engine technology, claimed Tuesday that it has created the "world's largest semantic map of the English language." The firm said that the information is being used as part of its technology for helping to improve search results and to personalize and filter content. Cognition -- which is backed by Tim Draper, Draper Associates, Fingerhut Ventures, and the firm's CEO, Scott Jarus -- develops software which looks to understand English language search queries and web pages. According to the firm, the firm's semantic map will "significantly reduce" the amount of irrelevant information presented in information searches. The firm said the company's software now understand more than 536,000 word senses (word and phrase meanings), 506,000 word stems for English, plus 75,000 concept classes, which help to find synonyms for words.


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