Color's SoCal Connection: Peter Pham

Palo Alto-based Color, the new Silicon Valley startup developing mobile photo sharing and social networking software which appears to have gained unprecedented attention from the press this week at its launch, has a Southern California connection. The firm said yesterday that it raised $41M in funding from Bain Capital Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Silicon Valley Bank, and garnered overwhelming coverage in a frenzy by the technology press. The firm's SoCal connection? Co-founder and President Peter Pham, a Southern California native best known in the technology industry here for running BetaSouth, a networking event focused on the movers and shakers in Southern California, and for his work with groups like the Technology Council of Southern California. Pham--who, unfortunately for SoCal, is now based up north--is an Orange County native, and was last at such firms as and Photobucket. Pham was lured north to become the CEO of two years ago. Color's mobile application is based on allowing users to share photos of themselves with friends and strangers, and runs on iPhone and Android. (Photo: Pham at a Technology Council of Southern California event in Irvine).