Commission Junction Gets Behind Pay-Per-Call

Santa Barbara-based Commission Junction, the performance marketing and affiliate arm of ValueClick, said today that it is seeing significantly higher conversion rates on its PayPerCall service--which is powered by fellow Santa Barbara-based company RingRevenue--than with its online campaigns. Commission Junction said it is finding that callers appear to be more ready to buy, versus online shoppers who are just browsing. Commission Junction launched its PayPerCall services last year, looking to help its clients with converting customers who browse information online or offline, but want to complete a sale over the phone. The firm said it has been bringing on publishers that it was not previously working with by offering the pay-per-call services. Jason Spievak, CEO of RingRevenue, commented on CJ's release, saying that the pay per call capability is helping Commission Junction bring on much larger branded advertisers than it otherwise has been able to.


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