Comparably Contrasts Pay Satisfaction Between Women and Men

Santa Monica-based Comparably, the new pay and compensation comparison startup let by startup veteran Jason Nazar, has run the numbers over gender satisfaction at work, and finds that about as many women as men are happy about their pay--except in certain, specific work areas--but sharply differ in their satisfaction with their percentage of equity in the companies they work for.

Comparably said that it polled over 1,000 people in the technology industry who are part of its service. Around half of employees in all areas were satisfied with what they were being paid--for example, 51% of men and 47 percent of women were happy with their pay in engineering--but only 36 percent of women in operations, versus 53 percent of men, and only 28 percent in sales/business development versus 54 percent of men were happy with their pay. The biggest difference looks to be in terms of equity pay, where only 19 percent of women working in product were happy with their equity, versus 48 percent of men in product.


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