Connectifier Swizzles Service After LinkedIn Acquisition

Costa Mesa-based Connectifier, the recruiting tools developer led by John Jersin, said Monday that it will be making some significant changes to its tool, after its acquisition by LinkedIn in February. According to blog posts from both Connectifier and LinkedIn, Connetifier will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of LinkedIn, selling to its own customer base, however, the two will connect the two services through a new API, along with other changes. New features such as improved matching facilities; more accurate profile matches; better data quality; and the elimination of data from third party sites, which Connectifier said were sometimes incomplete or inaccurate. The two said, however, that they will be removing phone numbers, which Connectifier had made available to its customers through its tool, and also that it will be removing links to social sites, in addition to limiting the service to only users in the United States.


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