Contour Energy Gets New Patent

Azusa-based Contour Energy Systems, the Caltech battery technology startup headed by Joe Fisher, said today that it has been awarded a new, U.S. patent. According to the firm, the new patent covers its production process and fluorinated multi-layered carbon nanomaterials, which are used in its batteries. The U.S. patent is number 7794880, and according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office was filed in November of 2006. Rachid Yazami and Andre Hamwi are the inventors on the patent; Yazami is a researcher at Caltech, and Hamwi is a researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research. Contour Energy Systems is using the technology in new batteries, which it says will dramatically improve power and energy density, longevity, durability, and service life. Contour is targeting those batteries for the automotive, industrial, consumer, and other markets. Contour is venture backed by CMEA Capital, Harris and Harris, Schlumberger and US Venture Partners.


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