CrowdStrike Adds Endpoint Machine Learning Features

Irvine-based cybersecurity software developer CrowdStrike says it has added machine learning capabilities to its endpoint protection products, to help provide protection against malware and "malware-free" attacks. CrowdStrike said the new capabilities will augment its existing behavioral-based machine learning prevention in the cloud software, providing protection even if machines are disconnected from the cloud. CrowdStrike said its endpoint production tools provide stop malware without requiring signatures and the heavy updates that come with those signatures. CrowdStrike is led by George Kurtz, a security industry veteran who was previously Worldwide Chief Technology Officer and GM at McAfee and founded cybersecurity developer Foundstone. CrowdStrike was the first cybersecurity firm to pin the hacking of the Democratic National Committee during the U.S. Presidential elections to the Russian military.


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