DataPop Gets $1.7M

Los Angeles-based DataPop, a new paid search ad management firm started by a pair of Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing veterans, has raised $1.7M in a Series A funding round, the company said this morning. The round was led by Rincon Ventures, and also included IA Ventures, Momentum Ventures, Accelerator Ventures, and angels. DataPop was founded Jason Lehmbeck and John Zimmerman, both of whom have been at Overture and Yahoo!. The company's technology allows search marketers to automatically create more relevant search ads, which result in a better response rate than a standard generic ad.

According to Lehmbeck, in an interview with socalTECH, the company's software takes key specifications from products such as televisions and other consumer electronics, and applies them to ads automatically, so that instead of just advertising a big screen television an ad might contain key terms and information about those products. DataPop's product also creates landing pages, geo-targets offers, and uses pricing details, sales and promotions, product specs, and retail location information to tune those search marketing ads.

DataPop is one of the companies in LaunchpadLA, the business mentoring and incubation effort being spearheaded by GRP Partners' Mark Suster.

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